Chung Yue Steel Group Company Limited (CY Steel) sources different kinds of steel scraps from households and construction sites.  These are first sorted manually, then sheared or shredded.

CY Steel currently runs 10,000 square meters of scrap facility in EcoPark, Hong Kong’s first recycling business park, a facility of the Environmental Protection Department of the government.  Due to the soaring cost of land, yards of this large size is rare in Hong Kong.

CY Steel continuously invests in innovative, cutting edge machines.  The scrap yard is equipped with a shredding system of 4,000HP, which is the only scrap shredder machine in Hong Kong, capable of producing 80 tonnes per hour of shredded scrap metal.  Also a star is a 1000 mt shear machine with a capability of processing 25 tonnes per hour.

The total designed capacity for the yard is 30,000 tonnes per month.  We currently process 10,000-20,000MT steel scrap per month. Our top of the line equipments are the key in providing a professional standard focusing on environmental responsibility and efficiency.