According to the statistics of Environmental Protection Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, quantities of exported recyclable materials recovered from municipal solid waste in 2015(Ferrous metals) was 863,622 tonnes.  With the recent bloom of development projects in Hong Kong, including the infrastructure development projects (e.g. new railway lines withinHong Kong and inter-cities, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge development, local road network expansion), commercial and residential property development, urban renewal projects, etc, a “chain reaction” of economic growth is anticipated to trigger not only the consumptionbut also scrapping of metals in demolished steel structures, obsolete machines, household appliances, etc.  Grasping this promising opportunity is very crucial and critical to the sustainable development of our local environment and scrap metal recycling business inHong Kong.

Chung Yue Steel Group endeavors to conserve limited and exhaustible resources, save energy, realize environmental friendliness, create jobs and minimize waste disposal.   The company’s innovative recycling system produces higher “purity”, finer and less bulky scrap steel as feedstock for other manufacturing industries, turning waste into valuables inputs of steel refinery smelting furnaces.  This powerful recycling system shortens the turn-around time for processing scraps and produces large outputs with minimal residual waste.

Recycling is not only our business; it is our passion and profession.